Complexity: it's simple when you know how. Consulting and management services to both the public and the private sectors.

It was once a case that never the twain should meet. Private sector obsessed with profit, public sector unmoved on prioritising costs.

But as the word austerity joined both the private and public sector dictionaries, so cost became a bigger concern in the commercial world, and a need for profit, for re-investment, became established in the public sector.

And public-private initiatives sometimes make it difficult to see just where the join is. Because it is a bridge, not a barrier. And we often help build those bridges.

The development of highly-complex infrastructure projects and programmes in an increasingly sophisticated market create new challenges for all stakeholders in long-term partnership agreements, whether private or public sector.

Some projects, however, are very much either private sector or public sector.

The Infrastructure Concessions Consulting team provides consulting and management services to both the public and the private sectors - inception, tender process, construction and operational phases.

Our expertise arises from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, including all aspects of the management of infrastructure projects and programmes. Our senior staff have been involved in some of the world's biggest projects, private sector, public sector, and combined.

Here's what we can do:

Public Sector:

  • Infrastructure Concessions procurement consultancy
  • Infrastructure programmes development
  • Infrastructure tender management
  • On-going Public Sector support from inception up to financial close
  • Public Sector training

Private Sector:

  • Bid management
  • Risk management
  • White collar facilities management
  • Infrastructure asset management
  • Infrastructure due diligence
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • Dispute resolution

Key Contacts

Anthony Coumidis

[email protected]

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