Our team serves a sector which requires deep and sensitive understanding, intense cost management and value-for-money.

The UK's health service, while considered to be amongst the best in the world, is under immense pressure. What's more, there are few sectors where the eyes of the public sector spending watchdogs are more intensely focussed than on health.

Every penny counts.

Growing focus from the UK Government on planned healthcare initiatives and sustained increases in funding for new and improved NHS buildings and services create massive opportunity for both the wellbeing of the nation, and the property and construction sector.

Those initiatives are being funded through a mixture of public capital and private finance at both national and local levels.

These are opportunities to both save and enhance lives, but require that every last gram of value is squeezed out of every single budget. Cost management is crucial.

These opportunities and initiatives require a deep and sensitive understanding, and warrant a full range of professional consultancy services.

Our individual specialist services, coupled with our overall approach and dedicated teams, allow us to provide health sector clients with that crucial high-value, versatile and focused service to ensure intense efficiency.

We act for both the health authorities and for PPP consortia, delivering advice and design team expertise dependent on clients’ needs whether for or in hospitals, surgeries, health centres, clinics or in PPP schemes.

Key Contacts

Adrian Southgate

[email protected]

Health Clients
  • Nuffield Health
  • NHS Kensington & Chelsea
  • Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Royal Berkshire NHS Trust
  • Tameside NHS Trust

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