Ensuring a snag or a crack doesn't become a chasm, domestically or internationally. Saving time, money and reputation.

If something goes right, few make a comment.

But people’s eyes are drawn to the cracks, not the smooth and shiny finished surface either side of those cracks – and if something goes wrong, it is human nature to at least pull a face, mention it to others, or, at most, embark upon an expensive legal process before the matter is put right, often over a dispute involving a tiny fraction of the overall cost of the project.

McBains' dispute resolution team is expert in what it does, ensuring a snag or a crack doesn’t become a chasm in an otherwise strong historic relationship between parties who have always previously worked well together, or are setting out on a potentially lucrative longer-term partnership.

We'll advise on disputes arising out of both domestic and international contracts, helping you to reach realistic levels of settlement through a rigorous analysis, and help avoid costly and lengthy arbitration and litigation proceedings, and safeguarding valuable business relationships.

We recognise the ever-increasing use of international arbitration as an effective and efficient method of resolving disputes arising from international contracts - challenges which must be met with an appropriate approach.

Our expertise and ability to call upon specialist technical and financial skills in-house has created strong relationships with the legal sector, regularly receiving instructions from solicitors to provide expert advice.

Our expert witness and litigation support services provide the knowledge, experience and expertise to advise your legal team on all matters of construction and concessions claims.

Resolution, we find, is always the better way.

Key Contacts

Kevin Whitehead

[email protected]

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