Everything that’s new – or changes – involves risk, whether financial or aesthetic. We find the better way of monitoring projects, from funding to finish, anywhere in the world.

Project Monitoring & Due Diligence (PM &DD) is what was once known as risk management. The PM & DD team at McBains monitors and protects – none of us likes surprises - and is internationally recognised and sought-after.

It means we take due diligence to an entirely higher plane – it becomes bespoke to your requirement, regardless of size or scope, or where in the world.

Focussing largely on strategic advice, technical due diligence and cost management in the development and financial services sectors, we provide high-quality advice, on a global basis, from project planning and procurement through to completion or disposal.

Our monitoring processes involve the due care and diligence requirements of funders and investors, providing the protection necessary when making property funding or investment decisions, dealing with all financial, legal and technical aspects.

If we're invited to step in to pick up the pieces when something has gone wrong, we deploy expert project forensics, strategic planning and recovery management, which includes re-structuring distressed or troubled plans, identifying issues and providing diplomatic, constructive and collaborative support.

Time, cost and quality are key to project success. We carry out forensic “health-checks” – to maintain understanding and control at every stage. A forensic audit culminates with a risk rating for the project, and recommendations.

Those recommendations may sometimes escalate into solutions: we advise on how to retrieve, mitigate and improve distressed projects.

When a project is within our control, we simply prevent those sorts of circumstances arising - consistently providing our clients with cost-saving or profit-generating advice. That means impartial guidance on acquisition, investment, development and expansion programmes, based due diligence and construction risk information.

Of course, no project can progress without finance. We have deep understanding of how to get things moving. We have a network of contacts in finance, and can introduce potential funding sources - equity participation, debt funding, mezzanine finance, and sometimes some of which you may not even be aware.

It's all a great deal to take in, but most definitely adds up to the better way.

Key Contacts

Richard Davies

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Ian Stacey

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