Great design does not have to come at a price. Complexity usually means cost - but we build in simplicity at every stage. It's the better way.

Simple design solutions, arrived at in collaboration with our clients and partners, are more successful and elegant than those developed in isolation. To make something simple you need to understand the potential complexities first. That's us.

Our design philosophy starts with you, the client. We take the time to understand need and context, and to develop as full a picture of the requirement as is possible.

We like challenges. But if the challenge you lay down is beyond budget or reasonable possibility, then we'll be honest and tell you as soon as possible. It's the better way.

We recognise that architecture does not always hold the answer; it is design in its widest sense that delivers, and that can involve many members of our team - and yours.

We understand that small changes can sometimes have a significant knock-on effect on the engineering, cost and programme. Just as well, then, that our team continually engages – communicating efficiently to each other and to you our Client. It's our way of working.

Our design solutions are underpinned by a rigour and an understanding of commercial viability. We avoid fads and fashion - how often have fashionable assets become outdated liabilities?

We look for the things that make places successful, and design with sympathy, empathy and a long term view. We are conscious of the legacy that we as designers leave. Simplicity isn’t easy, but it’s the better way.

Key Contacts

Mark Baseby

[email protected]

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