Everybody has grand plans; we ensure they’re realistic and attainable – by building in simplicity, and taking a commercial approach to engineering design.

A great plan is only great if it can be delivered. We appreciate you may want to push the boundaries, but boundaries can be subjective. We may need to work around constraints, we may encourage you to push your boundaries, or we may suggest moving a boundary a little over to the left.

Regardless, we'll ensure imagination and practicality - inventive solutions and cost-consciousness - are correctly balanced. It's the better way.

In driving your project or plan, we explore all the possibilities while maintaining design integrity – and complying fully with all relevant industry standards and codes of practice. That does not mean creativity, whether in design or engineering, is off the agenda.

We have specific experience in all aspects of structural and civil engineering, including developing plans and specifications for new buildings, refurbishment of existing buildings, as well as providing inspection services, cost estimates, bid assembly and management of construction projects. Our professional services incorporate all aspects of structural engineering surveys and reporting, also encompassing litigation work.

In doing what we do, we also occasionally play a big part in developing new materials and processes - some of which have been adopted across the industry - and the sectors in which we operate: transportation, sewer collection, potable water, fire risk, surveying, paving, drainage, utility and infrastructure design aspects of engineering.

Airports, sea ports, bridges, transport, general infrastructure, factories and industry, bulk handling and storage, distribution, commercial and residential, schools and colleges, religious buildings, retail, health and Police and custodial developments all have something in common: right time, right place, right cost.

We've found - and continue to find - the better way to deliver them.

Key Contacts

Charles Terry

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Robert Young

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