Urban Regeneration: where once there was nothing – or dereliction, downturn and wasteland – now there is opportunity.

Look out of the window. That building: stretch your imagination and visualise what that plot of land has gone through since somebody first claimed it as their own. Then consider its future. Regeneration could well become our planet's most important word.

Urban Regeneration is the process of permanently reversing the physical, economic and social decline of previously settled areas – preventing space going to rack and ruin, and identifying, developing and delivering investment and investment opportunity.

A key element of regeneration is the rebuilding of the physical environment. Projects are characterised by difficulties around the assembly of land, contamination of sites, extensive install or renewal of infrastructure and services, the need to conserve rather than demolish Listed buildings and historic structures – all in the context of inefficiencies in the property and local business markets.

Projects therefore generally bear non-commercial abnormal costs, offer lower returns in early years and carry higher risks than for development in established locations.

Our specialist regeneration consultants work with stakeholders to develop strategies to identify practical design, engineering and financial solutions and manage their implementation. We assess progress and comment constructively on project delivery where we have been commissioned to act as assessors or monitors for funders or other interested parties.

We have a vast array of examples of our contribution, but a common observation is that where once there was nothing – or dereliction, downturn and wasteland – now there is opportunity.

Urban Regeneration is the better way.

Key Contacts

Zaki Ghiacy

[email protected]

Urban Regeneration Clients
  • Argent
  • Security Partners (Guggenheim)
  • St Modwen Properties

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