There’s no element of Master Planning or Urban Design with which we are not either deeply familiar or vastly experienced.

There's something about a movie shot on film that digital can never quite match. It's a cliché, but it's that warmth and flow.

Design is similar. To the surprise of many, much of what we do starts with a pencil drawing - a human touch that only the sweep of a hand can deliver, but something with which digital processes can work and develop.

Strong urban design solutions might start with a pencil and paper, and progress digitally, but they're developed through consultation. More human touch.

We get planners and designers talking to one another, whether it's a boutique project vastly important to a small business, or an infrastructure or major development game-changer important to a whole economy.

Consultation and collaboration also contribute to our track record of achieving swift and decisive planning approval, whether destroying the myth that Greenfield sites are sacrosanct, or pioneering something completely unexpected.

We also build in recognition of the commercial realities of the development process and ensure our design solutions represent value for money, monitoring the economics of projects, helping attract investment and participation from all stakeholders.

Establishing a common agenda for collaborative relationships is important. Instrumental to this process is the engagement of local knowledge and the commitment of everyone involved: planners, local authorities, development agencies, local organisations, social housing providers, other consultants and, of course, you in every stage of the process.

This approach inevitably leads to accelerated and sure-footed decision-making and a sense of ownership for all involved. And that saves time, and money, and promotes harmony.

No argument. There's no better way.

"When Bovis Homes Ltd decided to design our new housing range, we didn't hesitate to appoint McBains.....Not only are the designs impactful but they are likely to generate significant cost savings and sales revenue gain".

Daniel Oliver, Technical Director
Bovis Homes Ltd

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