Whenever or wherever you are, Social Housing will be today's big issue. We're there to help innovate in an intensely-challenged sector.

Social Housing is an intensely current issue, no matter where or when you're reading this. Economics, ageing populations, workforce movement, increased support for the vulnerable, the impact of disaster - natural or man-generated - have redoubled the challenges of cost and speed of provision.

It is influenced not just by the developing demands of landlords and residents, but the fast-changing approach authorities are taking to funding and providing housing, often devising new and innovative approaches to cover those costs and to meet demand, whether for new build or rebuild.

Social Housing isn't just for the vulnerable or impacted. It also provides vital roofs over heads for key workers and students, for instance

Working with both local authorities and Housing Associations, McBains moves with these fast-changing times to advise and support housing initiatives. We know that every day means something new or different has increased or altered the shape and scale of the challenge.

The overriding challenge for Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) is how to achieve maximum impact on priority housing needs against a background of reduced public funding. This has led to new initiatives through various grants, private finance, and diversification into new market sector developments.

Creation of finance in these ways enables RSLs to continue to provide affordable housing but with less Central Government support and control.

Whatever the social housing requirement, our approach provides a single point of client contact for all services on new-build, refurbishment and alteration projects. McBains has been involved in schemes accepted by government as ‘Best Practice Projects’, largely because of our deployment of the better way.

Key Contacts

Clive Docwra

[email protected]

Social Housing Clients
  • Glasgow Housing Association
  • London Borough of Camden
  • Paradigm Housing Group
  • Raglan Housing Association
  • Sanctuary Housing Group

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