Yes we can. And we do. Our Project Management team takes things off your hands, but ensures you're involved without being swamped with needless distraction.

Project Management is the end-to-end planning, organisation and direction of resources. Those resources include your time and money.

We have vast experience. We know the better way, and we deploy it. That means tighter timescales, efficiency of progress, cost-containment.

Crucial, however, is engagement, collaboration and team-building with our clients. "Our project" is just that: yours and ours.

McBains' expertise covers every relevant discipline. Our structure and flexibility means we move quickly.

And when we say "end-to-end", that's everything from initial response to delivery of final piece of furniture.

You probably need read no further. However, here's how we define what we do:

Executive or turn-key project management.

We take responsibility for the whole project, as part of your team, or in an independent capacity. Co-ordination of resources, procurement and appointment of consultants, contractors and suppliers. Or we can develop specific turn-key project structures to suit your needs.

Feasibility studies and business case preparation.

Can it work, will it work, what will it cost? Relevance to your requirements, including formalising the business case for a project.

Planning and programme management.

Developing project programmes in line with business requirements and external constraints, and monitoring progress for projects or programmes.

Risk management.

Identifying the risks, likely impact; managing those risks and ensuring a clear allocation of risks in contractual arrangements.

Value engineering services.

Ensuring that the project is measured against its objectives, achieving value for money.

Information management.

Ensure that all team members have project information at the right time and in the right place.

Design management.

Co-ordinating architects, engineers and designers to ensure the optimum design solution.

Migration and occupation management.

Making sure furniture and tech is delivered and installed in the right order, switching on the coffee machine, handing over the keys, dealing with the snags that only show themselves with occupation.

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