Have you ever seen two property or construction projects that looked, were designed or constructed the same? Regardless of colour, they're all green to us.

Our mechanical and electrical services engineering teams view and drive each project as a unique challenge, consequently creating unique solutions and costings.

Building and infrastructure challenges generate ingenious solutions. Technology enables us to address those challenges more quickly than ever. That means efficiencies of every possible definition.

It might be a brown-field site or a cutting-edge piece of steely-grey on a city skyline, but, regardless, our design engineers will be thinking about how intense a shade of green they can make it.

There’s a vast array of issues that can influence M&E input. We've seen them all, addressed them all, got the hi-vis vest and hardhat to prove it. Those influences can be everything from dealing with the worst the environment can throw at us - earthquake, hurricane, flood - or the best: ensuring a design fits in with sometimes stunning exisiting architecture.

It used to be that protection of our environment was a costly feel-good inclusion. But we have always viewed it as a crucial consideration. That means the team at McBains is often ahead of the game - in fact, often way over the horizon and developing and deploying key energy and environmental initiatives while all the while driving world-defining cost-efficiencies in parallel.

Stating it simply, here's what we can do:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Vertical Transportation, Escalators and Side-walks
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Energy and Environmental Analysis
  • Public Health and Drainage
  • Building Commissioning
  • Centralised Control Systems
  • Electrical Power Distribution
  • Emergency Power Generation and Distribution
  • Specialist installations encompass:
  • Clean Rooms, Computer Rooms and Specialist Design Forms
  • Laboratory Design
  • Medical Specialist Systems
  • Speciality Lighting Design
  • Geothermal Solutions
  • Security and Communication Systems Including IT and Telephone Systems
  • Fire Alarm and Voice Communication

Key Contacts

Rolfe Jackson

[email protected]

Christopher Stevens

[email protected]

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