We have been involved with a variety of projects at the high security, mental health facility over a number of years.

Built in 1863, Broadmoor Hospital is one of three high security, mental health facilities in England. It provides a specialist service; assessing and treating men from the south of England who have serious mental health or personality disorders. Their illness warrants care and treatment in conditions of high security.

Since our first appointment by the West London Mental Health NHS Trust (WLMHT) in1998, we have undertaken a number of projects at Broadmoor Hospital, both before and during the hospital’s multi-million pound redevelopment. Project examples include:

  • Cranfield Ward, Broadmoor Hospital - refurbishment and alterations to the seclusion suite;

  • Learning Centre, Broadmoor Hospital – conversion of existing social centre to form learning and development centre;

  • Green waste bays, Broadmoor Hospital – creation of a green waste facility;

  • The Oaks, Broadmoor Hospital – respite care facilities;

  • Anti ligature projects;

  • Ward reconfigurations;

  • New hospital security wards;

  • Warden facilities;

  • Sports and Social Club and

  • New heating and ventilation plant

The new hospital, set to open in 2018, will have 16 wards and a total of 234 beds providing accommodation for 210 patients and 24 flexible beds, which will be used as necessary. The existing buildings are currently being reconfigured to allow out patients wards and the provision of high security trauma facilities.

Our project involvement has typically taken the form of the provision of quantity surveying or employer’s agent services through one of the JCT contracts amended to deal with the secure environment that is established in and around the hospital. This places significant constraints on the contractor, with limited times for access, background checks on staff and tool counts at the beginning and end of the day.

West London Mental Health NHS Trust
Services Provided:
Quantity Surveying
Crowthorne, Berkshire

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