Our partnerships range from world-ranking accountants and legal teams to internationally-renowned construction consultancies, some entirely new JVs, many involving established relationships.

Whether the product of a formal joint venture bringing together new partners, or collaboration between teams with vast experience of working together - private sector or public sector - we help define not just the skyline, but on occasion the corporate, commercial and financial landscape.

But to help design the world’s skylines we obviously work with talented organisations who are in possession of not just the skills and experience - engineers, architects, project managers - but the attitude and approach to make things happen.

Whether it’s strategic advice, maximising value or simply bringing to bear the experience of having been there and done it, a successfully-completed property or construction project starts well before the first outline design or plan is slipped onto a meeting table, or a piece of waste-ground is identified as having commercial potential.

It starts with cost and design feasibility studies; financial, environmental and design due-diligence, procurement and planning considerations, consultation with investors, planning authorities, governments; it goes on to involve general or specialist engineering and construction professionals, legal teams, and so on.

But it always ends in the same way: the completion of a highly impactful addition to the landscape.

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