We're all ears. While we may well research you and the environment before we first meet, we form views on the project only once we've heard and discussed what you, the client, wants and needs. It's the better way.

Ideas change the world. That could be for the better or the worse. We deal only in better.

In our view, the better way is to listen, interrogate - and then respond once full understanding has been established. Ideas need to be part of plans. And those plans need to be flexible and dynamic, progressively spiralling in on across-the-board agreement: that nod and smile moment when everybody knows with certainty that it's going to work.

We don't ring fence how we arrive at our response, and, consequently, the plan. After all, you know your business or organisation, the environment in which it operates, and, crucially, what you actually want. It's all about participation from everybody involved - you and your team, us and our team.

Because the McBains team consists of experts and professionals from every discipline likely to be called upon for your project, we can quickly provide expert opinion and dynamic feedback to your team on what is possible or viable - whether design, practicality, timescale or cost.

And because we instil confidence, ideas which become plans become successfully completed projects.

Our way of working involves unique processes and procedures. They’re the foundations of our culture and approach, and are in our DNA, bound by our values of integrity, understanding and flexibility, defining how we interact with clients, and how we interact with each other, how we approach our work, and how we set the high standards we achieve.

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